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Getting Started December 31, 2008

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It’s about time I bit the bullet and started writing again. What better opportunity than the New Year? I’ve been mulling over the idea of this blog for quite some time now, and tonight, as I was sitting on the couch thinking of all the different topics I wanted to write about and share with others, I realized that I just needed to do it. So, voila!

The long and short of it is this: God has called me to serve Him in full-time ministry. I love working in the preschool department at our local church. I even chose to attend a Bible college committed to preparing students for vocational ministry. I have loved every minute of it. However, that is not my most important calling.

Since God brought Marshall and I together (the story of which is a number of posts in and of itself) and led us into marriage, I have come to understand that my highest calling is to be his wife. It is amazing to me that I can fully honor and glorify God by loving, serving, and submitting to my husband!

To that end, I desire to be a better wife. I also desire to prepare my heart, mind, and body for the children I pray the Lord will bless us with in the future. And so, as I learn more about the biblical model of a wife and mother, as I develop practical skills of homemaking, and as I seek to strengthen my mind and body, I will share. I will share my triumphs and growth. I will share my failures and weaknesses. But more importantly, I will share myself…and I hope you will do the same.


One Response to “Getting Started”

  1. Chelsey Says:

    Yay, Mary Catherine… so excited you’re blogging. You’re a great writer, at least from what I’ve seen, and I’m looking forward to reading more about your life!

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